Add Squegg, the smart grip trainer, to your lifestyle and reward yourself with a firm grip and overall health.

Grip Training for a healthy life

Did you know that a strong grip strength makes everything that you do in your daily life more comfortable – from carrying your purse or briefcase or luggage to carrying groceries, using a screwdriver, painting, maintaining better control of your dogs on a leash, and picking up or playing with your “children”?

Backed by research

2011: A group of kinestheticians found that grip strength is one of the strongest predictors of overall muscle strength and endurance. 

2015: Researchers found an 11-pound decrease in grip strength correlated to a 17 percent increased risk of cardiovascular death, a 7 percent increased risk of heart attack, and a 9 percent increased risk of stroke.

2018: A group of physicians discovered that grip strength was also an accurate predictor of cognitive function in people in the general population and those diagnosed with schizophrenia.


How squegg can help?

Evaluate Your Grip

Open the app and set your benchmark strength. As part of the app update in Jan 2021, you can individually evaluate your left and right-hand grip strength.

Train your grip

The soft silicone outer covering provides enough resistance to help you continue to improve your grip. The in-app games make grip training engaging and challenging for users of all ages.

Track your progress

Squegg keeps track of your squeeze count, the number of times you have completed an exercise, and your grip strength. With our visually appealing graphics, watch how you progress over time.




Grip Training for a healthy heart

Did you know that a 12-minute isometric handgrip training a day can reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure (BP) by >6/4 mm Hg, respectively? In perspective, this is equivalent to losing 12lbs of weight to see a similar drop in systolic BP. 

Backed by research

In a study published in the Harvard Newsletter, many participants showed a significant decrease in their systolic blood pressure of 14 points on average. [Add research paper here]

Track your Results

The American Heart Association recommends a 12 –minute isometric exercise to regulate your blood pressure. AHA Journal

How squegg can help?

Customize your details

Open the isometric exercise and set your desired benchmark grip strength, target grip range, and exercise time, rest in between sets and number of rounds.

Exercise Your GRIP

Squegg's in-app Isometric Exercise Feature guides you through the exercise. Squegg uses sound mechanics and has clear guidance on the app to let you know when you are not within the target 30-40% range.

Track your results

At the end of the exercise, the results will show you the number of seconds when you were squeezing within the target grip.



Grip Training for a healthy mind

Grip strengthening exercises help to refine and improve your motor skills. Fine motor skills aid our cognitive growth and develop continuously throughout the stages of life. These skills involve using smaller muscle groups to perform smaller movements with the wrists, hands, and fingers. These motor skills become rusty if we don’t use it often as we age.

Backed by research

A UK Biobank study established that grip strength is significantly associated with cognitive functioning in the general population particularly for working memory and processing speed. UK Biobank

A study published in sciencedirect concluded that muscle strength as measured by hand grip strength is associated with improved reaction time. ScienceDirect


How squegg can help?

Hand and mind coordination

Squegg allows you to refine your fine motor skills and retain it as you age. With gamification techniques, you can improve cognitive function through mind-muscle coordination.

Information processing skills

With the Blast Away game, move through obstacles, and challenge your ability to process and analyze incoming information. The better you get, the higher you score.

Reaction time

Play the whack-an-egg using Squegg and squeeze when the color or the hammer matches the egg. Activate and stimulate your response time and by defeating the mole and scoring more points



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