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Squegg is an ergonomic and durable smart device designed thoughtfully for grip training and hand therapy.

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Find it tough to stay engaged and consistent in doing hand grip training exercises?

Squegg connects easily to your phone with an app that lets you evaluate and track your grip strength and makes grip training fun with its highly functional and exciting games.

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Wondering, Why is Grip training necessary?  

Grip strength is a vital biomarker of your overall health. Training your grip goes a long way in keeping you healthy.

A study in the Journal of Clinical Interventions in aging has established grip strength as an indispensable biomarker of current and future health status, including overall strength and function, fractures and falls, and quality of life. Grip Strength: An Indispensable Biomarker For Older Adults

Studies show that grip strength training can improve physical stability, cognitive function, and lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Meet Squegg - A smart way to train your grip

Built for Grip training: Squegg’s ergonomic design and silicone shell covering offers full comfort with each grasp. Its silicone shell resists moisture from sweat build-up and is delicate on the skin.

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Built for Grip training

Squegg's ergonomic design and silicone shell covering offers full comfort with each grasp. Its silicone shell resists moisture from sweat build-up and is delicate on the skin.

Ways to increase grip strength remotely

Train anytime, anywhere

Squegg is easy to carry. Take it anywhere and start gripping. Once charged, Squegg provides 80 hours of continuous battery life.

improve hand grip strength

Track your progress

Squegg easily connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth technology and lets you evaluate your grip strength, track your grip count, and visualize your progress.

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Squegg's in-app guided games make you want to exercise. Squegg has transformed grip training science into enjoyable, accessible, engaging, and challenging games for people of all ages and fitness levels.

build a healthy lifestyle

For Healthy hands:

Grocery shopping, carrying your children, laundry, gardening, and shoveling snow all require grip strength. Add Squegg training to your daily routine to keep hand injuries at bay.

For Healthy Heart:

High blood pressure remains to be the top risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Keep it at bay with a daily 12-minute session of Squegg’s in-app guided Isometric hand Exercise – an activity recommended by the American Heart Association.

For healthy mind:

With its highly-engaging app activities proven to improve cognitive function such as Whack-an-Egg and Blast Away, Squegg allows you to help your fine motor skills and improve them as you age.

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Use Squegg for hand and upper extremity therapy

improve hand grip strength

Track your progress

Have a goal in mind? Squeeze this soft ergonomic, smart gadget to keep track of your grip strength and your grip count. Monitor your progress with - visually appealing and easy to read graphics.

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Add fun to your exercise

Whether you're in the process of recovering from an injury or simply trying to develop full hand mobility, this smart gadget will help you regain and even improve your grip. With Squegg's app-guided exercises such as Swap Force and Time Attack, you'll look forward to your next hand therapy session.

Smart hand gripper

Share your stats

Aside from Squegg's ability to record your daily reps, it also allows you to export the data as an excel file. Easily share your stats with your healthcare provider or your loved ones.

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Prescribe Squegg to your patients for better results

Evaluate Multiple types of grips

Monitor your patients’ improvement with Squegg. With just a single, smart gadget, you can evaluate your patients’ composite grasp, crush grip, key pinch, and multiple-point pinch grips.

Increase patient participation & compliance

Therapy will no longer be a mere task for your patients! Squegg’s portability and engaging activities encourage patient participation and compliance. 

Better Monitoring and Planning

Patients can download and share their stats easily. By monitoring progress, you can better prescribe new exercises and new goals for your patients.

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Use squegg to Build a healthier you

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What's included in the box ?

1) Squegg ball

2) Charging cord

3) User manual

4) Phone handle/stand

hand grip dynamometer

Squegg ball

Charging cord

User manual

Phone handle/stand

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Customers can't stop talking about Squegg

App Highlights

The video takes you through the Squegg mobile application’s basic features such as evaluating your grip strength, exercising while playing games, using the isometric exercise, and viewing/downloading your grip strength and count statistics. More features are added periodically. Keep your app up to date for the latest changes.

Get a grip now

Add Squegg – the smart grip trainer to your daily routine to build your grip strength or to recover from an injury.

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