Squegg is an ergonomic and durable smart device designed thoughtfully for grip training and hand therapy.

Do you find it tough to do consistent handgrip training exercises?

With Squegg, you can track your grip strength by connecting the app with your phone. Also, get an excellent grip training exercise with exciting games!

So, What Makes Grip Training Important?

Grip strength is a critical biomarker of your present and future health. According to the Journal of Clinical Interventions in Aging, grip strength training with Digital Hand Grip Trainer improves cognitive functions, and physical stability. Also, it reduces the risk of a heart attack and stroke.

Squegg - The Smart Way For Grip Training

Robust Grip Training

The ergonomic design of the Smart Grip trainer and the outer silicone shell offer optimal comfort with every grasp. The silicone shell prevents moisture accumulation and is also comforting to the skin.

Train At Your Convenience

It is portable! Carry it anywhere, and start gripping. One charge offers 80 hours of battery life.

Track Your Progress

Connect via Bluetooth and Grip the Squegg to evaluate the grip strength, measure your grip count, and track your progress.

Fun And Entertainment

In-app games for a fun and enjoyable experience and grip strength exercises for people of different fitness levels

Build A Healthy Lifestyle

Ensure Healthy Hands

A lot of day to day activities require grip strength. When you add Squegg to the daily routine, you enjoy better grip and healthier hands.

Ensure A Healthy Heart :

Keep your blood pressure in check with a 12-minute session of Squegg’s in-app isometric hand exercise.

Ensure A Healthy Mind

Squegg offers highly engaging In-app activities like and games to improve your motor skills.

Use Squegg For Hand And Upper Extremity Therapy

Track Your Progress

Track your progress: Have a goal in mind? Squeeze this soft ergonomic, smart gadget to keep track of your grip strength and your grip count. Monitor your progress with - visually appealing and easy to read graphics.

Add Fun To Your Exercise

If you want to develop full hand mobility or in the process of recovering from an injury, the smart device can help to improve your grip with engaging exercises.

Share your stats

The hand grip trainer can not only record your daily reps but also allows you to download and share data from your app.

Better Monitoring and Planning

Patients can now download and share the stats easily. You can monitor the progress, and it will help in better prescribing new exercises and goals for patients.

Hot Off The Press

Squegg - A Grip Strengthener Device

What’s In The Box ?
  • 1) Squegg Ball
  • 2) Charging Cord
  • 3) User Manual
  • 4) Phone Handle/Stand

Hot Off The Press

App Highlights

Presenting the features of the Squegg mobile app.

  • Keep an eye on your grip strength!
  • No more boring exercises! Experience the in-app fun-filled games.
  • Download and share your grip strength data with your therapists easily!
  • More features coming up soon!!

Keep the app updated to get the latest updates and changes.

Get a grip now

Leverage the fun-filled and enriching Squegg experience to develop a smart lifestyle and build a healthier you!