How can I order a SQUEGG?
You can order our SQUEGG products here and on Amazon.

Can I order more than one SQUEGG?
You can order from 1 up to X per SQUEGG.

Where do you ship?
We ship to US, Germany, France and UK.

Can I pick a color when I order?
We have two product listings live on this site - one for Coral, one for Mint

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is FREE for all US addresses. Shipping rates apply to Germany, France and UK.

What are your warranty and return policy?
We offer a 45-day money back guarantee and 1 year limited warranty on your order.

What is the SQUEGG companion app?
The SQUEGG companion app is the tool you use to measure your grip, to improve it with interactive daily repetitions and exercises, and to compete with friends in the available games.

You can download the app from the App Store or from Google Play. Simply scan the QR code or search for “SQUEGG” to find it.

How do I pair my SQUEGG to the app?
On your phone, turn on Bluetooth. Open up the app. Squeeze the SQUEGG to pair following the on-screen instructions. The SQUEGG will gently vibrate when successfully paired.

*Note: Some devices require location services to be enabled to connect to Bluetooth. You may disable location services after pairing.

What type of sensor does SQUEGG have/use?
SQUEGG uses pressure sensor CL918Q.

I opened the app, but my SQUEGG is not working. What’s wrong?
Minor troubleshooting steps:
- Make sure your mobile’s Bluetooth function is switched on
- Check if app is updated to the newest version
- Charge your SQUEGG as it might be lacking battery charge. Upon connecting it to the charger, squeeze the SQUEGG ball for 3 seconds and wait for it to vibrate
- While charging, if your battery is not showing charge, squeeze the SQUEGG for 3 seconds and wait for it to vibrate
- Every time you open the app, squeeze your SQUEGG for 3 seconds and wait for it to vibrate, or check if the Bluetooth symbol on the upper right side of the app no longer has the rotating arrows around it

If none of the above works, please reach out to and provide the following details:
Built: iOS or Android
Application version:
Phone name:

If possible, share a video for the team to deep dive on the issue.

How do I charge my SQUEGG?
SQUEGG ships with a charger included in the box.
1. Plug the USB-end of your power cable to a power supply with a USB port
2. Connect the other end of your power cable, the jack plug, to your SQUEGG’s charging port which is located on the side of your SQUEGG, marked “DC”
3. To check if charging is successful, squeeze your SQUEGG for 3 seconds and wait for it to vibrate.

Battery charging time is 2 hours. One full charge will give you 160 days standby time and 80 continuous working hours.

How long does the battery last?
It takes less than 2 hours to fully charge and once fully charged the battery should last for 80 hours.

How do we know if the device is receiving power?
One way to check is that the device will vibrate when the charging happens and when you plug in the power cord. We generally recommend watching the What's in a SQUEGG video

What is the phone holder for?
The phone holder is there to make your life easier when using the SQUEGG app. Stick the base to the back of your phone, then push up the holder and slide your finger through. This will enable you to hold your phone securely in one hand and SQUEGG with the other. When playing games in the app, tilt your phone in landscape mode and use the holder as a kickstand - now you can use your hands alternatively to squeeze the SQUEGG.

How do I use my SQUEGG?
Here are the steps:
1. Pair your SQUEGG to your phone via Bluetooth.
2. Measure your grip strength to set a benchmark.
3. Start repping and see your grip strength improve.
4. Connect to your friends and challenge them.
5. Be the undisputed leader of every online scoreboard.

How does this compare with Zona and Camry?
As compared to Zona and Camry, SQUEGG is more ergonomic and is made of lightweight material - making it very handy and easy to use. SQUEGG also allows for easy evaluation of grip strength, tracking improvement and exporting data. Along with other fun and engaging hand gripping activities, the app boasts of its Isometric Exercise feature where users can set a particular benchmark or target pressure and set the duration of the exercise.

Does it measure both repetitions and strength?
Yes, SQUEGG measures your grip strength and records your repetitions. It also has enjoyable exercises and games that can be played while strengthening your grip and increasing your grip count.

Do app exercises have timers?
Yes! SQUEGG's isometric exercise feature is built in accordance with the exercises recommended by the American Heart Association for lowering blood pressure. You may set your desired benchmark grip strength and exercise duration.

Is it possible to hit the 100th percentile for repetitions?
Yes, definitely. The percentile is based on total active SQUEGG users. It changes as new customers set new records. Currently, our highest squeeze count in a day is ~20 thousand.

How do I clean my SQUEGG?
The SQUEGG has a silicone outer layer, protecting the high-tech sensors inside. For this reason, grime will have a hard time attaching to it. Should it get dirty, however, you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

Can we clean SQUEGG with sani-cloths?
Yes. Should it get dirty, you may simply wipe SQUEGG with a damp cloth. You can also clean it with some sanitizer but definitely avoid corrosive liquids.

Is SQUEGG waterproof?
Pretty much! We don’t advise you do any deep-sea diving with it, but in the experiments* we performed it seemed to like being splashed with water, soda, coffee and beer equally.

*No SQUEGGs were harmed during the tests.

Why is it called SQUEGG?
Because it’s egg-shaped and you can squeeze it.

Does it come in different sizes? Does the product have size for small hands?
SQUEGG comes in only one size which fits most hand sizes.

How accurate is the grip strength measurement?

One thing to note is that our devices are currently not calibrated (does not mean that they are not accurate) - this means that devices might have ~5% of variability between their reading due to the way the device is held. With our new SQUEGG batch, we will resolve this, where every unit will be configured to medical precision.

Do you have any research studies on the validity and reliability of the product?
We do not have any research studies done yet with this product in a hand therapy setting. We are currently getting a certification on the accuracy. We do, however, have organic feedbacks on its validity and reliability from hand therapists who uses SQUEGG in their practice. We would love to connect with anyone who can help in getting SQUEGG a trial.

Is it possible to reset personal best?
Reset of account stats isn't available at the moment - the Tech team is currently working on these. To reset personal best, kindly send a request to Squegg Tech at

If I purchase a device today, will it be updated if you upgrade the software?
The device remains the same. The Squegg app, however, will be constantly updated and upgraded as we continue to improve it.

Is this being made in the USA?
The design, engineering, and fulfillment are all based in the US. For manufacturing, we were
resolved to going overseas.

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