Recover easily from hand and upper extremity issues with Squegg. Therapists love this device as they have observed faster recovery and improved compliance in their patients through higher engagement and better tracking

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Currently Squegg is being extensively used and prescribed by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists & Hand Therapists for hand and upper extremity conditions like  Fractures, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Nerve impingement, Congenital anomalies, De Quervain’s and Strain.

Preferred And Prescribed By Therapists

Squegg is being prescribed by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, & Hand Therapists for various hand and upper extremity conditions like fractures, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, nerve impingement, congenital anomalies, De Quervain’s, and strain.


Evaluate, Monitor And Improve Your Grip

Squegg, the simple yet smart handgrip trainer helps you to evaluate and train left and right hand power grip. Our smart application will help you identify your grip, train and track their strengths individually. 

It can also be used for training other grip types like lateral/ key pinch, three point/palmer/ three jaw chuck pinch, two point/ tip to tip Pinch.

How can Squegg help?

Ergonomic design

The unique ergonomic design, soft silicone shell and finger grooves make Squegg easy to use and evaluate various grip types.

Track grip strength

The Grip trainer uses smart technology. Its records are calculated and stored in the cloud - so less manual error as the system stores it. Visually appealing graphs make tracking improvement seamless.

Progress While Having Fun

Training and progress is always fun, thanks to Squegg’s in-app exercise and games.


Increasing Patient Participation And Compliance

As per several research studies, therapeutic compliance is one of the biggest clinical concerns that separates most patients from full recovery. Want to increase patient participation and compliance? Squegg is here to help you.

This device is meticulously designed to become the perfect therapy companion. Thanks to its ergonomic, soft and portable design, one can easily use it in the clinic, at home, or at work and improve hand grip strength.


How Can Squegg Help?

Optimal for remote assignment

One of a kind tool for telehealth/ remote therapy and this is just the beginning! Very soon, our newly designed therapist dashboard will allow you to assign routines and track the progress of your patients.

Share your stats feature

No need to make them visit the clinic every now and then. Now, ask your patients to share their progress easily with our export feature.

Gamification of routines & exercises

Engaging games are great for your hand therapy. Apart from the existing ones, our team is in the process of developing newer games for you. Challenge and help them build their competence with our multiple exercise levels to build grip strength.


For The Patients Who Never imagined recovery could be fun? – Squegg makes you look forward to your next session!

Squegg connects easily to your phone with an app that lets you evaluate and track your grip strength
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