Squegg is a perfect gadget to recover from hand and upper extremity issues. Therapists observe faster recovery and improved compliance in their patients through higher engagement and better tracking

types of therapist

Currently Squegg is being extensively used and prescribed by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists & Hand Therapists for hand and upper extremity conditions like  Fractures, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Nerve impingement, Congenital anomalies, De Quervain’s and Strain.

Indication for which it is majorly used

Currently, Squegg is being extensively used and prescribed by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, & Hand Therapists for hand and upper extremity conditions like fractures, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, nerve impingement, congenital anomalies, De Quervain’s, and strain.


Evaluate, Monitor, And Improve Various Grip Types

Now you no longer have to use multiple equipments for different types of grips. Squegg, a single smart gadget, enables you to not only evaluate but also train multiple types of grips like:

A. Power grip

B. Precision grip

  • Lateral/ key pinch
  • Three Point/ palmer/ three jaw chuck pinch
  • Two Point/ Tip to Tip Pinch

a. Lateral/Key Pinch

b. Three-Point/Palmar/Three Jaw Chuck Pinch

c. Two Point/Tip to Tip Pinch

How can Squegg help?

Evaluate multiple grip types

Squegg's unique egg-shaped design with a soft silicone shell and beautifully designed finger grooves help hold and evaluate various grip types.

Tracking of each grip type's progress

No manual recording, chances of error or misses are less, leading to better monitoring with the app. The simple yet visually appealing graphs help you/your patients track the improvement.

Progress while having fun

With in-app exercise and games to improve each grip, users are bound to see progress while having fun.



Increasing Patient Participation And Compliance

According to multiple research studies, therapeutic compliance is a clinical concern that keeps most patients isolated from full recovery. If you have been striving to increase patient participation and compliance, Squegg can be your perfect therapy companion.

Squegg is a thoughtfully designed product for therapy – ergonomic, soft, portable/ accessible, making it easy to use in the clinic, at home, or at work.


How Can Squegg Help?

Optimal for remote assignment

Great tool for telehealth/ remote therapy. We are in the process of building a therapist dashboard, and with that, you can assign routines and view the progress of your patients.

Share your stats feature

Share your stats feature – Ask your patients to share their progress with our export feature at a frequency that both of you decide. Now you can better track how the patient is doing without them needing to come to your clinic.

Gamification of routines & exercises

Users are more involved in completing the assigned reps, receive instant gratification, and are motivated yet challenged with our different exercise levels.



Never imagined recovery could be fun? – Squegg makes you look forward to your next session!

Squegg connects easily to your phone with an app that lets you evaluate and track your grip strength
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How can squegg help patients?

How Can Squegg Help Patients?​

Ergonomic design

The soft silicone outer covering is pleasant to touch and generates a good feeling with every squeeze. Squegg's ergonomic design allows you to complete the prescribed routines comfortably.

View your stats and share them with your doctor

Keep the guesswork out and start tracking your squeeze count and grip strength by connecting Squegg to its companion app. View your stats in real-time and share them with your doctor to let them know about your progress.

Stay engaged with games

Designed for hand therapy. Open the swap force game to ensure that you exercise both your hands. Improve your sustained grip by playing the Sumo game and squeezing your opponent out of the ring. And there is more – We are engaged with a team of hand therapists to develop new games for you.

What do patients say about Squegg?

What do patients say about us?

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