We're a team of two young (or so we'd like to believe), spirited (literally and figuratively) entrepreneurs, who met at business school, became friends through assignments and graduated with business ideas! We are a US based company founded in 2017 and are building a brand you can trust. Our mission is to help people add fun to fitness.

Our first product, SQUEGG. is a bluetooth-enabled squeeze ball that's designed for your day-to-day life. Take it with you in your pocket when you're on the go or leave it in plain sight on a desk - it's light enough to take along and stylish enough to become an extension of yourself. 

SQUEGG™ comes with a namesake app that you can download from the App Store or from Google Play. Once you've paired it with your phone, you can pick it up and start squegging. Count your reps, keep an eye on your daily stats or challenge your friends to a fun game - they're all included in the free companion app.