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Fun Activities With Squegg

Use Squegg to bring fun to your routines. It comes with built-in games that allows you to improve your motor skills and cognitive function through mind-muscle coordination

Improve Your Grip

Use Squegg to play grip improving games such as balloon blaster and swap force. These will help you improve your grip strength and your sustained grip.

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Connecting To Bluetooth​

Turning on GPS/Location Services for Android Devices

Note: If you are an Android user, please give Squegg access to your location – this is an Android requirement. Rest assured Squegg does not use your location in any way. You may disable location services after pairing.

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Keep Track Of Your Grip Count

Squegg does a lot of things compared to any grip equipment. With this, you can track your progress, and improve your grip while having fun playing games. Also, you can evaluate your grip, and set up your benchmark set.

Isometric Exercise

A particular category of isometric activity that the American Heart Association has recommended where one can reduce up to ~10 pts of blood pressure by performing the isometric exercise with configurations 3-4 times in a week

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