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Benefits of Squegg
For Therapy

SQUEGG can be really therapeutic? It can help relieve stress levels which causes anxiety and panic attacks, just like a normal stress ball would—without being boring! 

But maybe not everyone is after that 1st prize at the inter-company squash tournament. And maybe it’s not all about topping the scoreboards or relieving work stress.

Thanks to its small size and optimized squeeze resistance, SQUEGG can also help users regain and maintain their grip strength. Whether you’re in the process of recovering from an injury or simply trying to ensure full hand mobility, SQUEGG can be useful and easy to use aid. 



Measure. Monitor. Improve.


your grip to set a personal benchmark. Whenever you go to the Measure section of the app, you’ll get an instant grip strength reading on your smartphone which works even with the app minimized or your phone locked.

Squeeze everyday and see your grip strength improve while tracking your progress.


your progress everyday through the visually appealing statistics page. The statistics page shows your personal best each day so that you can see how you’re faring in your daily training.

Keep an eye on your daily stats and aim to make them better each day. That’s how progress is made.


The Improve section of the app offers a number of interactive challenges including a new isometric exercise that can help lower blood pressure. Cycle through them for different ways to train your grip.

Track And Share Progress

You can easily measure your grip strength on a daily basis and track your progress, but you can also measure it on a weekly basis to clearly see the improvements in your grip strength. 

You will never lose track of your progress, because with every squeeze, the app does the counting for you.

Now to everyone’s favorite part. Imagine being able to compete with family and friends. You heard it right: You can actually play fun, grip strength-improving games and compete with your loved ones while the app measures your progress! The app is pre-loaded with four awesome games you can play as a single player or with a friend or loved one! Grip training has never been this much fun!

Grip training has never been this much fun!

Squegg Games: Around The World

Squegg Games: Pool Side Fun

Hear From Our SQUEGG Community

Thousands of Americans are getting fit without depending on the gym.

How to use squegg for therapy

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