Strengthen Your Hold on Blood Pressure With Squegg

By Squegg

Research has proven that your handgrip strength is directly linked to your overall health and well-being. According to the ScienceDirect journal, improving grip strength can positively impact one’s Blood Pressure (BP) levels.

Isometric exercises that require you to apply tension on a particular muscle group lead to significant improvement in BP levels. As per Considerable, An experiment conducted at the Miami University showcased improved BP regulation in people who performed grip exercises.  

Make handgrip training extra convenient and super effective by bringing home Squegg – “The smart and ergonomic grip trainer” to improve your muscle strength and cultivate a better lifestyle.

How Does Squegg Come To The Rescue?

Trusted by leading physiotherapists and medical professionals, Squegg is one of the latest innovations in the market meticulously designed for grip training and upper extremity conditions. 

Isometric Exercises For Improved Health

American Heart Association recommends a daily 12-minute training session of Squegg’s in-hand isometric exercises that can aid in optimizing blood pressure. Squegg also comes with a mobile app for accurate tracking of grip levels.

Keep your doctors informed of your grip training progress by the stats sharing option. Export your training stats in the form of an excel and get the doctor’s feedback on the go! 

Regular Training For Fitness

A study conducted by McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, proves the reduction in Blood Pressure for subjects who engaged in handgrip exercises regularly for eight weeks. This type of isometric exercise reprograms how the nervous system regulates a person’s Blood Pressure.

Thinking about executing a consistent handgrip training regime? Squegg’s mobile app comes with fun games to assess your grip strength levels to make your daily training sessions more enjoyable and immersive.

Data Visualization For Training Accuracy

If you or your loved ones face BP issues, ensure a detailed checkup with your doctor before you jump into a workout plan by yourself. Having a training routine recommended by medical professionals and implementing the same goes a long way in bringing down high BP levels. (Source: mayoclinic.org)
The Squegg mobile app’s visually rich User Interface makes the tracking of training activity straightforward and accurate.

Enrich Your Lifestyle With The Squegg Experience 

Healthy muscles and a solid grip go a long way in meeting the everyday challenges of life. Regulating Blood Pressure was never so engaging and straightforward, thanks to Squegg. Sprinkle the goodness of isometric handgrip training into your daily workout plan.

Build your grip strength the right way, and welcome a newer and wholesome version of yourself with the Squegg experience!